Brandon Wakefield: An Inside Look

An inside look at the life of Brandon Wakefield, and what brought him to Rock Ridge.

Mitesh Shrestha, Staff Writer

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Coach Brandon Wakefield came to RRHS to help build a new program, and experience the academics Loudoun County is known for. Wakefield brings his extensive football history, and a passion for teaching to RRHS.

Coach Brandon Wakefield came to RRHS to help build a new program, and experience the academics Loudoun County is known for. Wakefield brings his extensive football history, and a passion for teaching to RRHS.

Whether in the gymnasium encouraging students to run on more lap, or in the weight room building confidence, or on the football field teaching players the value of hard work, teacher and coach Brandon Wakefield is a well-known figure in RRHS. However, few know the story of Wakefield before RRHS, and what brought him to our school.

Sports is an important aspect on the life of Brandon Wakefield, whether you look at his playing time in Europe, or his constant jogging up and down the sideline during a varsity football team. It started early on with his success in T-ball, and soccer when he was five years old. His passion for sports transitioned to Hickory High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. At Hickory High he played four sports including: basketball, baseball, track, and football, in which he would earn second team all-district. Wakefield would also meet his inspiration, his basketball coach and P.E. coach, who would inspire his future choice to be a coach and teacher. “He was just personable, and I along with him really well,” Wakefield said. “He was my P.E. teacher, so I saw him every day, and in my senior year took an advanced P.E. class, so I got to help teach classes, and see the teaching aspect of it.”

After graduating college, Wakefield would briefly attend William and Mary to play football, before attending Bridgewater College. “I was at a bigger school, William and Mary playing football, a situation came where I needed to go to a smaller school (Bridgewater College), and the timing worked out,” Wakefield said. At the Division Three Bridgewater College, Wakefield would rack up accolades. He won 20 of the 25 games he started in the 2003 and 2004 season, leading the Bridgewater Eagles to the NCAA semifinals his junior year. His career completion percentage of 52.2, 4,842 passing yards, 42 passing touchdowns, and twelve rushing touchdowns in three years marks him as one of the better quarterbacks in Bridgewater history.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in health and exercise science, he was recruited to play for the Montabaur Fighting Farmers, a German football team. “Other than being married and having kids, probably one of the best experiences of my life,” Wakefield said.

His two years showed to be a great experience on and off the field. “The family I stayed with, my brother there, who we visit in Germany, and the overall eye opening experience seeing a different culture is what made it great,” Wakefield said.

In 2005, Wakefield would agree to become a tight end coach for his alma mater, Bridgewater College. From there he would coach at Washington Jefferson College, gaining valuable experience he would eventually bring to Rock Ridge. “Trying to get the best out of the athletes in the classroom, and preparation is important; I enjoy the field part of it(coaching on the sideline), but the biggest thing is getting to know the kids in the offseason through workouts, seeing them day in and day out, and seeing how hard they work, and trying to motivate them in that aspect,” Wakefield said.

After teaching physical education in Warrington County, Wakefield would be introduced to an opportunity to come to Loudoun County and teach and coach at Rock Ridge High School. “I came to Rock Ridge to experience the diversity and the academics it’s known for,” Wakefield said.

Now here in Rock Ridge he has the opportunity to start a new tradition as the head of the health and physical education department, as well as a new varsity football team filled with potential.

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Brandon Wakefield: An Inside Look