Obama Says Farewell and Trump is Inaugurated

America welcomes their new president on January 20th.

Bianca Alvarez, Staff Writer

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On Saturday, January 20, 2017 President-Elect Donald J.Trump was sworn into office, becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Saying a final farewell to the White House, former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden alongside their families attended Trump’s inauguration. Before taking his oath, Trump and wife Melania Trump met with his predecessor President Obama and wife Michelle Obama on the steps of their future home. After posing together for photos, the couples were taken inside.

Not long afterwards, Trump’s children and grandchildren joined him before having their father become the next President. The inauguration ceremony was done by religious figures, politicians and other guests of honor. Among the attendees were former Presidents Clinton and Bush.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence took his oath moments before President Trump took office. After Trump became the official President, he began with a speech acknowledging his predecessor and the people of the country. He shared his plan of action and told the nation what he will do for the benefit of the country.

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Obama Says Farewell and Trump is Inaugurated