Math Teacher Nicole Turner Joins Rock Ridge From England

Math teacher Nicole Turner takes on virtual learning and a new school after living on another continent.


Nicole Turner

Math Teacher Nicole Turner poses for a photo while teaching in her old classroom.

Megan Hayes, Editor-in-Chief

Shifting to virtual learning is difficult enough for teachers, but math teacher Nicole Turner has also taken up the challenge of teaching at a new school after recently moving from England. 

Turner grew up in Heber City, Utah but has been teaching at a secondary school and sixth form — grades six-12 — in England for the past three years. “Living in England was terrific and I had some really great experiences teaching there, but overall I prefer teaching at a high school to secondary and sixth form,” Turner said. 

Turner said that she recently moved to Loudoun County to be closer to her family. Before relocating to England, she also taught in the United States at a university and high school level for over two years. 

“I’m excited to be working at [Rock Ridge]; I’m impressed already with what I’ve seen of the school and community,” Turner said. 

This year, Turner admitted she is concerned about not being able to connect with her students through virtual learning. “You don’t have the same kind of interactions when everyone is on separate screens as you do in a classroom,” Turner said. 

Despite this, she remains optimistic and is excited about teaching at a high school again. “I have really missed the atmosphere of being at a high school, it’s just such a fun setting to teach in … I am excited to work with high school students who are excited, innovative, and energetic in their learning.” 

Turner will be teaching geometry and precalculus. “I am excited by the variety of classes available at a high school. There’s more variety in what students can take for math and what I get to teach!” Turner said. 

Turner received her masters in mathematics from Utah State University, specializing in graph theory and combinatorics. She also speaks Tagalog and loves learning about other cultures. “I like being able to share things I know and find incredible and fascinating with other people so they can have more knowledge and understanding of the world around them,” she said.