Winter Door Decorating Competition Ignites Winter Spirit

Beginning on Nov. 10, students decorated their advisory teachers’ doors in an attempt to win Chick-Fil-A, donuts, and spirit points for their grade. In the end, with over 50 doors decorated, math teacher William Driggers’ advisory class won the best overall decorated door.


Nanaki Bawa

Adorned with paper snowflakes and wreaths, math teacher William Driggers’ advisory class won best overall door in the door decorating competition.

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, students’ hard work was finally put to the test — after nearly one month of planning and decorating, the administration team consisting of SCA sponsor and history teacher Michelle Menna, Principal John Duellman, and Assistant Principal Dawn Dickerson perused the hallways, assessing the detail and creativity of the decorated doors. Beginning on Nov. 10, students devised their theme, gathered materials, and adorned their advisory teacher’s door in an attempt to win spirit points for their grade, Chick-Fil-A, and donuts.

Students got creative with their doors and incorporated many holiday elements including colorful lights and intricate drawings. “We are doing Jack the Skeleton, from Nightmare before Christmas,” freshman DJ Harvey said. 

The 50+ participating advisory class’s doors were scored out of 40 points and assessed on four main factors — visual impact, craftsmanship, creativity, and originality. Three bonus points were also awarded if a student tagged a picture of their class’s door with @RockRidge_SCA, the SCA’s Instagram account, on Instagram stories or posts.

A total of five awards were given — best freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior door, best overall door, and best non-advisory door. 20 spirit points were also awarded to the grade with the most participation, which were the freshmen.

For the freshmen, math teacher Karen Curran’s advisory won best decorated door, English teacher Samuel McClain’s advisory class was the best decorated sophomore door, marketing teacher Ben Stodola’s advisory won for the juniors, and there was a two way tie for seniors between Spanish teacher Celia Nagle and social sciences teacher Meghan Adair. The best non-advisory door was the counseling office. Math teacher William Driggers’ advisory class took home the prize of best overall door, earning their class Chick-Fil-A, donuts, and spirit points. All winning classes also earned donuts.

The contest rounded off the spirit week’s competition between the grades to earn the most spirit points with seniors holding the most points.