Phoenix Varsity Softball Faces Defeat With Heads Held High

On March 21, the Briar Woods Falcons beat the Phoenix by 14-0, with the game ending after five innings.


Aarohi Motwani

In the first inning of the game, captain junior Rishita Valluru (8) pitches the ball to the starting Falcon batter.

On March 21, the Phoenix softball team played a difficult game against the Falcons. The game finished with a final score of 14-0, with the Falcons stealing the victory. The matchup ended after the fifth inning due to the mercy rule, which ends a game earlier than scheduled if one competitor has a significant scoring lead over the other. 

For the Phoenix softball team, though, the victory of fielding a team for the game was a source of pride.  Four of the 11 players are new to the sport. “All of [my teammates] were always really supportive of me being new,” sophomore Aishwarya Salur said. 

With almost a month of after school practice everyday, they are finally ready to play other teams.  “Since the beginning of the season, they’ve come so far,” volunteer assistant coach Terry Springer said.

The four captains, Juniors Tanisha Desai (4), Rishita Valluru (8), Maddy Springer (6), and Dhaya Bharath (3) have shown an exceptional level of leadership with their newer teammates. “They take the girls who don’t have as much experience under their wing,” Terry Springer said.

In order to get in shape for games, the team participates in infield and outfield drills where they play their positions. “We have a drill Mr. [Paul] Koch taught us where he points where he wants us to run and throws the ball in the opposite direction — so we can practice our running,” Valluru said. 

Desai, who has played softball for nine years, said their team gets progressively better as they get to know each other. “[Softball] is not just a physical game, it’s a mental game,” Desai said. “I’ve met so many people who made the experience worth it.”

The next game is on March 30 against Broad Run High School.