Nagpaul Swan Song: Shivoy Nagpaul vs Rock Ridge High School, The Champions League Final


Shivoy Nagpaul, Sports Copy Editor

My experience at Rock Ridge was like a Champions League Final, or the Super Bowl of European club football. In the Champions League, the top four clubs from each country get put in a knockout style competition. In total, 32 European clubs from eight different countries duke it out in order to make it to the final and win the Champions League trophy.  

Freshman year, I went down 1-0.  I was just learning the ropes, and I felt like I didn’t take advantage of every opportunity that I could’ve. I was so overwhelmed with the idea of being in high school that I failed to do things that could’ve made me succeed earlier, such as joining clubs, different sports teams, and taking electives that I truly liked.  

Sophomore year, the score became 2-0 against my favor. I was struggling the whole year, I didn’t have an identity. I cared too much about what others thought of me, and I wasn’t doing well in the classroom.  The failure to put myself out there, especially when it came to participating in fun high school activities I liked, such as singing karaoke in front of people at a talent show or asking someone out to homecoming or prom, really had an effect on my self esteem. The pandemic saved me in a way, because I didn’t have to deal with anyone or anything anymore, but it threw everything off outside of school for me socially and mentally.  

Junior year, I was 3-0 down. The whole school year was virtual, and I couldn’t be at my physical and mental best to perform athletically and academically.  I couldn’t see my friends that often, and I struggled with being away from people for a long period of time.

3-0 — that score sounds familiar.  

In the 2005 Champions League Final, Liverpool FC, one of the top clubs from England, was down 3-0 to AC Milan, one of the top clubs from Italy, with a Champions League title on the line. Liverpool ended up scoring 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd half, winning in the end.  

Senior year, I became the Sports Editor of The Blaze. 3-1.  Writing and sports have always been two passions of mine and through this opportunity, I was able to combine those two passions.

During homecoming, I was nominated for the homecoming court. 3-2.

I pushed myself physically in order to become a three-sport athlete (Football, Indoor Track and Field, Outdoor Track and Field) two years in a row.  3-3.

And I overcame my fear of putting myself out there, I sang in front of everyone at the Phoenix Pageant and I asked someone I liked out to prom, two things I’ve always wanted to do since my sophomore year.   

Shivoy: 4   Rock Ridge: 3