Prom: A Glamorous Gala

On Saturday, May 21, Phoenix upperclassmen gathered at the Dulles Hilton Hotel to attend prom, hosted by the junior class. The highly-anticipated event’s theme was“Met Gala,” and, as the first prom held in two years, it was a welcome return to the dance floor.


Manika Porchezhian

Senior Pranay Yella slow dances with his girlfriend, Independence High School senior Ishaanvi Saini, as “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri plays.

Manika Porchezhian, Staff Writer

On May 21, the Student Council Association hosted Rock Ridge’s first prom in two years, meaning for most in attendance, this was their first year taking part inprom. 

Many students appreciated the creative theme and decorations at the dance. “It was nice; there was glitter all over the tables,” junior Valerie Heymann said. “It really felt like a ‘Met Gala.’” Decorations covered the venue, with gold, black, and white balloons, gold glitter, and black, candle-lit tables with red rose centerpieces. 

Despite this event primarily being a dance, other fun activities were also available for guests  to participate in. Popular among many were the four blackjack tables, complete with dealers, that were stationed in the lobby outside of the ballroom. The games at prom were pretty interesting,” senior Rohan Mathur said. “The dance was definitely hype, [playing blackjack] was one of my favorite things.” Although these tables were popular all night long, many also stopped by the photo booth, food station, drink station, dance floor, and tables to have fun with their friends and/or date. Students lobbied between activities until everyone was gathered in the ballroom to announce the junior class prom princess and prince and the senior class prom queen and king. 

The junior class prom ballot was made up of nominations for prom princess: Ananya Cheela, Meghana Dasari, Nina Lal, Salma Khalil, and Alexis Tran, and prom prince: Srikar Bangaru, Myles Harris, Arun Karthikeyan, Shiraz Amiri, and Hesham El Hamdani. Nina Lal and Srikar Bangaru were announced as prom princess and prince. 

The senior class prom ballot consisted of nominations for prom queen:  Sarina Amiri, Ashley Bademian, Liza McMullin, Naomi Cho, and Preyonty Rabbani, and prom king:  Atri Bathula, Mohamed Hammadi, Vishal Mistry, Keshav Tarafdar, and Justin Warwick. Following a moment of anxious silence, Liza McMullin was awarded the title of prom queen, and Atri Bathula was named prom king. As the applause died down, attendees were given the chance to dance to one slow song, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, before finishing off the night with more upbeat songs to dance and sing along to. 

Although the night was bittersweet for seniors, who missed out on their junior prom due to COVID-19, many appreciated the night and had fun before their official departure from Rock Ridge High School. “It was a good end to our senior year,” senior Liza McMullin said. “It will definitely be a memory I’ll hold in my heart.”