Broadway Desserts Brings Sweet Performances to the Stage

The annual Broadway Desserts was held on Feb. 17 featuring performances from Broadway shows such as “Tick Tick… Boom,” “The Greatest Showman,” and “Tangled.” Desserts were provided for people to eat throughout the night.


Karis Adnan

Juniors Mariah Waters, Kaia Greene, Olivia McMahon, Emily Gruessing, Izzy Bock, and senior Julia Freeman perform “The Chain” from “X: 1969.”

On Feb. 17, Broadway Desserts, a Rock Ridge Sings annual fundraiser, returned to the Rock. Several members from local schools and the community came together to pile up desserts on their plates and listen to the line-up of performances. The show was emceed by juniors Mariah Waters and Hayley Sutton, who acted as the characters Skylar and Kylar from the upcoming musical, “Bring It On.” Performances included songs from Broadway shows such as “Moana Jr.,” “Into the Woods,” and “In the Heights.” 

A total of 23 solo and group acts performed, showcasing singing and dancing talents. A “Bring It On” sneak peek featured a performance of “One Perfect Moment” from senior Julia Freeman.

After paying an entrance fee of $10, the cafeteria was filled with people piling up on store-bought and homemade desserts before the two hour performance. 

Several Rock Ridge Sings members saw Broadway Desserts as a chance for them to just perform under a little less pressure than a typical concert or show “I like [Broadway Desserts] because it’s another opportunity to perform without it being an audition for something,” junior Catie Cantwell said.

Others thought that it was a good way to bring the community together. “It was really nice that they were able to incorporate some of the middle schools as well,” freshman Laura Adams’ mom, Ami Adams, said.