One Loudoun Welcomes New Doughnut Shop to Its Community

B. Doughnut Opens Up Their Newest Location For Hungry Patrons

Arena Souphakoun, Design Editor

The organic food trend is turning into a big deal around the metro area.  With organic grocery stores and popular places to grab a bite popping up everywhere, the One Loudoun complex—located 15 minutes from Rock Ridge—houses a variety of options.

The newest addition to the ever-growing community is B. Doughnut. The Loudoun location is a pop-up shop and is based out of its original store in Leesburg, VA. It is a family-run business, managed by founders Brian and Pin Chanthapanya.

The doughnut chain promotes their freshly baked goods that are made from scratch early in the morning and often sell out upon closing. Taking a spin on the traditionally sugary confection, B. Doughnut caters to those without a sweet tooth by offering savory doughnuts. Savory doughnuts share elements of bagels, but maintain their identity as a doughnut; their most popular one is the salmon and cream cheese.

Jump in line for a chance to try their baked goods; the budding location may be one of Loudoun’s newest, well-frequented businesses.