A recount of some the award ceremonies most eccentric nights.

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Curling up by the television, arguing with family about who’s going to win, and vicariously living out forgotten dreams through the celebrities on screen: that’s what the Oscars are all about. The 87th annual Oscar award ceremony is on February 22nd, 2015 and the nominees for this year are head to head in the race with top dogs such as Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton, and Eddie Redmaye all up for Best Actor.

According to Oscar.go.com the first Oscars was aired for 15 minutes in May of 1929, to which only 270 people attended. Today the Oscars last on average 3 hours and have more than 40 million viewers being one of the most anticipated and viewed program in the world.

The Oscars have seldom exercised subtly. The Oscar’s Stages are home to some of the most controversial and spontaneous occurrences in history. When Marlon Brando was called up to accept his second Oscar win for Best Actor at the 45th Oscars in 1973 for his performance in “The God Father,” he gracefully declined and sent an adolescent Native American girl in his stead. He did this to shone light upon the unfair treatment of the Natives by the Hollywood industry.

“Marlon Brando was one of my Mom and Grandma’s favorite actors. I didn’t know he did that, but it is really cool to see stars, even back then, to fight for Native American rights” sophomore Hailey Brunson said. This moment was branded in history and became a catapult for many other civil rights acts in Hollywood (nativeamericanhistory.com).

Like 2012 had planking, the 1970’s had streaking. During the 47th Oscars in 1974 a photographer named Robert Opel ran across the star studded stage completely naked. This act seemed to make celebrity out of Opel and he was even asked to streak for parties (ABC Archive).

“I heard about this from my parents, it’s like when some guy streaked the World Cup last year” freshman Noam Denenberg said. Times may change, but the people certainly haven’t.

There have been interesting moments in the past year as well. “My favorite Oscar moment is when Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the stairs, it was such a JLaw thing to do and she was so funny afterward, hands down on of my favorite actresses” freshman Shaila Seth said. Lawrence, among many others, has contributed to a long, hilarious line of Oscar surprises.

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