Humans of RR: Gabi Noriega

Taylor Dorsett, Business Manager

“I am really passionate about art. I like to think of creative ways to infuse art into my life; in school, I try to make my projects look their absolute best, while taking time to put effort in. I also like to take pictures. My grandpa was the one who inspired me to really get involved in art. He grew up creating art, so I guess you could say it runs in the family. Personally, I like a lot of different types of art, but I’d say my favorite is crafting and building — I think it’s really fun to create a piece that looks three-dimensional, while inserting the intricate details that make up a stunning final product. My grandfather lives in South America — specifically Columbia — so I don’t see him that often. When I was younger, both my grandpa and my grandma came to visit almost every summer. Eventually, he stopped coming as often, so we kind of lost that connection we had. I try to maintain that bond by Facetime calls; when we’re on the phone, he always tells me about how proud he is of everything I do. His support motivates me to continue in my artwork. I like to think of art as a way to express yourself, as well as a way to distract yourself from the stresses of life such as school and work, so I feel pretty relaxed whenever I’m working on art.”