Humans of RR: Jasmin Palmer


Taylor Dorsett , Business Manager

“My favorite extracurricular activity is competitive cheer; it’s a difficult sport and it’s very different from high school cheer. There aren’t any yelling or props, just stunting and tumbling. I enjoy it because it requires hard work and skill, while also allowing me to stay in shape. Competitions are held all over the U.S., so I’ve traveled with some of my best friends across the country to large cities like Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando. My team’s division is XS5-All Girl extra small level 5, and it’s the largest division in the competition cheer world, meaning it’s extremely competitive, but also very exciting! I got into competition cheer when I was nine, making this year my sixth season. It’s truly an addictive sport. I was planning to quit three seasons ago, because the stress was too much for me to handle, but I couldn’t stop coming back. The rush of adrenaline I get when I’m on stage with the nerves, bright lights, and a screaming crowd is amazing. Also, I’ve formed strong bonds with a lot of my teammates because I see them every week, year round. Depending on scholarship opportunities, I may continue with cheer when I’m in college. Competitive cheer has had a huge impact on my life and I wouldn’t trade it for any other sport.”