2019-2020 Staff

Angelina D’Cunha

Staff Writer

Angelina is the new girl at Rock Ridge who speaks multiple languages and loves to meet new people.

Pandora Jafari

Staff Writer

Ramen enthusiast and hobby historian Pandora enjoys long walks on the beach, strawberry ice cream, and journalism. Her favorite contributions tend to be her photos and opinion pieces, but she’ll begrudgingly do anything if you bug her long enough.

Rahul Jayaraman

Staff Writer

Rahul is a senior at Rock Ridge. He likes to play basketball, swim, and play video games. He also enjoys traveling and being with friends and family

Conner McGovern

Staff Writer

Conner McGovern is the guy who thinks he is always right until you prove him wrong. He is heavy believer in all sports being inferior to football, hates Tom Brady, and only enjoys "old school" music.

Colin Wilkinson

Staff Writer

Colin just likes to write and play videogames.

Bethany Walker

Staff Writer

Bethany enjoys using her artistic abilities and writing skills to collaborate with The Blaze and the wonderful staff a part of it. You can find her sketching during her free time or doing publicity, not only to fill her bucket but have an excuse to draw. Hopefully, she'll be a future animator or illustrate in the future, but right now she's trying to...

Harini Kannan

Staff Writer

Harini is a sophomore who loves jamming out to music whenever she can and likes helping people out. This is her first year on staff and she enjoys writing and taking pictures. She loves spending time with her family and friends and loves meeting new people.

Jake Harris

Staff Writer

Jake Harris is an aspiring rockstar, philanthropist, prophet, war hero, artist, superhero, martyr, and journalist. He spends his time binge-eating, reading comic books, and lying awake at night wondering if he will ever amount to anything.

Megan Hayes

Social Media Coordinator

Megan is a junior and this is her second year on staff. When she isn't spending her time on schoolwork, you can find her reading, watching Netflix, and laughing way too hard over stupid jokes that are in no way funny.

Dominika Butler

Staff Writer

Dominika Butler can be found dominating your local Walmart. While she's not disrupting the society, Dominika enjoys working with younger students and hopes to take a pathway into an education career such as a teacher.

Annabel Reynolds

Staff Writer

Annabel Reynolds is a Senior at Rock Ridge and a first-year Newspaper member. All 5 feet and 3 inches of her is filled with love and compassion for everyone and everything: ranging from animals and art to fashion and sports. When she's not sleeping or eating, you can find Annabel procrastinating on her homework by binge-watching her favorite TV shows.

Atlas Breighner

Staff Writer

Atlas is a senior drowning in assignments who enjoys drawing manga and procrastinating. She has a black belt and several unfinished novels that have yet to see the light of day.

Arman Fathi

Staff Writer

Arman is a quasi-permanent fixture to The Blaze staff, known for his loud voice, hyena laughter, and tendency to be distracted. He is the creator of the podcast Too Long; Didn't Read, an avid supporter of tabletop RPG's, and a snail enthusiast with an irrational fear of the number 58.

Rachel Cuevas

Staff Writer

Rachel likes to take on way more work than she can handle, but for the most part, she is able to pull through. She enjoys writing, music, watching Handmaid's Tale, and sleeping. She loves to meet new people whenever there's an opportunity.

Tanya Acharya

Design Editor

Currently a senior at Rock Ridge High School, Tanya Acharya is planning to head off to explore marketing in all its versatility. She's eager to uncover the facts and keep students in the know. When she's not renovating her old clothes or finding ways to restyle a $4 jacket, she's probably writing— while listening to music, of course.

Lilly Khalkho

Website Coordinator

Lilly Khalkho is a junior and an excited second-year member of The Blaze. When she is not stressing over school you can find her reading, laughing, and binge-watching movies. Lilly's favorite moments are when she spends time with her friends and family.

Sam Mers

Staff Writer

When Sam Mers isn't complaining about whatever's stressing her out this week, you can find her talking someone's ear off about current events and her favorite song of the hour. She also thinks the joke you just made about her name sounding like one word was very funny.

Mihika Rao

Business Manager

Mihika Rao is a first-year member of The Blaze who enjoys swimming and occasionally tennis. She loves traveling and hopes to visit almost every country in the future. Her absolute all-time favorite food is chocolate and she would eat it for every meal if she could. She loves spending time with her friends and can be found rewatching Harry Potter movies...

Kaley Chinoy

Staff Writer

Kaley Chinoy is a junior at Rock Ridge High School and has been on the varsity cheerleading team for two years. When not cheerleading, Chinoy enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

Sarah Ong

Copy Editor

A senior at Rock Ridge, Sarah is often seen wearing teacher boots running loudly down the halls or hanging out in Room 1605 as a tutor in the Writing Center. A gamer and creative writing enthusiast, she's known to be obsessing over her current hyperfixation, crying over her next piece of writing, or blasting Vocaloid/electronic music.

Megan Langsam

Website Coordinator

Megan Langsam is a junior and second-year member of The Blaze. When she isn't reading or stressing out about school, she can be found in the auditorium with tech crew or talking about the Arrowverse and Red Sox Baseball.

Vihaan Jaiswal

Staff Writer

Vihaan Jaiswal is a sophomore and is a math and science nerd that ended up taking this English elective.

Madisyn Smith

Staff Writer

Madisyn Smith, a senior at Rock Ridge, enjoys playing soccer and listening to music. While most of her free time is spent on the field, the rest of it is spent correcting people who spell her name wrong.

Joey Knechtel

Staff Writer

Rudolph Knechtel IV or Joey spends his time wrapping himself up in industrial saran wrap with his friends and coaching an esports team. He also enjoys writing and despises zucchini, "It is the food of the devil."

Kimberly Herbstritt

Copy Editor

Kimberly Herbstritt is a non-human senior in high school. She is a published author on Amazon and enjoys being a part of Colorguard.

Sarah Baig

Staff Writer

Sarah Baig is a sophomore and this is her second year in the newspaper. She's a part-time Hogwarts student & full-time Netflix fanatic. Go Baig or go home.

Prajna Chakravarty

Business Manager

Prajna is a junior and this is her second year on staff. When she's not stressing out over everything, you can find her playing the piano or in her bed watching The Office.

Shradha Dinesh


Shradha is a senior and third-year staff member of The Blaze. This is her second year as the editor in chief. When she isn't reading or writing, you can find her crafting scathing reviews of Netflix originals over text messages and collecting too many blank notebooks.

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