• First RRHS Debater to go to Nationals

    First RRHS Debater to go to Nationals

    Sanjana Raghavan, Staff Writer

    March 29, 2016

    After junior Anjali Kunapaneni found out she qualified for the Nationals debate tournament in Sacramento, California, she sat in shock for ten minutes, unable to believe the news from the email she received. “I was completely convinced that it was impossible for me, amongst all the talent and dedication... READ MORE »»

    Holding the Sweepstakes trophy, members of the LD debate team show off their prize from Metrofinals. Junior Anjali Kunapaneni, to the left of the trophy, has acted as the captain of LD for the past two years, and has attended over 15 tournaments. “I think that debate has made me a better student, a more active leader, and overall a more well-rounded person in my everyday life,” Kunapaneni said.

    Sanjana Raghavan

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