2020-2021 Staff

Shradha Dinesh


Shradha is a senior and third-year staff member of The Blaze. This is her second year as the editor in chief. When she isn't reading or writing, you can find her crafting scathing reviews of Netflix originals over text messages and collecting too many blank notebooks.

Prajna Chakravarty

Business Manager

Prajna is a junior and this is her second year on staff. When she's not stressing out over everything, you can find her playing the piano or in her bed watching The Office.

Lilly Khalkho

Website Coordinator

Lilly Khalkho is a junior and an excited second-year member of The Blaze. When she is not stressing over school you can find her reading, laughing, and binge-watching movies. Lilly's favorite moments are when she spends time with her friends and family.

Megan Langsam

Website Coordinator

Megan Langsam is a junior and second-year member of The Blaze. When she isn't reading or stressing out about school, she can be found in the auditorium with tech crew or talking about the Arrowverse and Red Sox Baseball.

Megan Hayes

Social Media Coordinator

Megan is a junior and this is her second year on staff. When she isn't spending her time on schoolwork, you can find her reading, watching Netflix, and laughing way too hard over stupid jokes that are in no way funny.

Nanaki Bawa

Copy Editor

A sophomore at Rock Ridge, Nanaki loves everything reading, writing, and calligraphy. In her free time, she enjoys channeling her Black Belt while punching targets at the dojang as well as playing her Indian traditional stringed instrument, the Dilruba.

Dominika Butler

Copy Editor

Dominika Butler can be found dominating your local Walmart. While she's not disrupting the society, Dominika enjoys working with younger students and hopes to take a pathway into an education career such as a teacher.

Atlas Breighner

Copy Editor

Atlas is a senior drowning in assignments who enjoys drawing manga and procrastinating. She has a black belt and several unfinished novels that have yet to see the light of day.

Arman Fathi

Multimedia Editor

Arman is a quasi-permanent fixture to The Blaze staff, known for his loud voice, hyena laughter, and tendency to be distracted. He is the creator of the podcast Too Long; Didn't Read, an avid supporter of tabletop RPG's, and a snail enthusiast with an irrational fear of the number 58.

Alyssa Yoon

Photo/Design Editor

Alyssa is a sophomore. This is her first year on staff and she super excited. In her free time she likes to listen to music, watch Netflix comedies, and play field hockey. She's pretty helpful so she open to work on anything the staff needs her to accomplish.

Ayesha Ansari

Photo/Design Editor

Ayesha is a sophomore, and this is her first year on The Blaze staff. When she's not doing schoolwork, you can find her reading, writing, baking, and taking pictures. Some of her favorite sports are field hockey, badminton, lacrosse, and volleyball. She can speak over three languages, and loves pineapples on pizza!

Alexa Verenos

Staff Writer

Anmol Sandhu

Staff Writer

Anmol is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, usually horror, baking, and hanging out with her friends.

Natalie McEwan

Staff Writer

Natalie is a senior and a new member of the staff. When not working on articles or stressing out about school you can find her baking, hanging out with her friends, and working out.

Rohan Iyer

Staff Writer

Rohan Iyer is a sophomore who's a passionate fantasy book enthusiast and swimmer. When he's not re-reading Harry Potter for the 100th time, you can find him playing video games or swimming at the pool.

Rodrigo Villegas

Staff Writer

Born in Mexico, lived in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and most recently in the United States, Rodrigo has been able to see life from a number of points of view that have taught him much. Writing has always been a part of him, and he considers it to be a great medium to express oneself and convey ideas. He likes to believe that his work speaks for itself,...

Amelia Chen

Staff Writer

Amelia is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. She has been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 8 years and she is also your sophomore class president! Amelia also has an unhealthy obsession with bubble tea and corgis.

Sruthi Sakala

Staff Writer

Sruthi Sakala is a sophomore at Rock Ridge, and this is her first year on The Blaze. She enjoys reading and listening to music. When she’s not doing that, she’s binge-watching Netflix shows.

Shivoy Nagpaul

Staff Writer

Shivoy Nagpaul is a Junior. He likes sports, cars, and writing. He aspires to be a famous journalist and TV personality when he grows up

Anik Mridha

Staff Writer

Anik Mridha is a sophomore and it's his first year being on staff. Outside of school, he loves to hang out with his friends and family, play games, and watch anime.

Mariam Abdelsayed

Staff Writer

Mariam is a sophomore. This is her first year on staff. When she is out of school, she likes to hang out with her friends, watch movies, and go outdoors.

Leah Gutshall

Staff Writer

Leah is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. If she isn't hanging out with her friends and family, she is on the field playing soccer!

Smrithi Balakumar

Staff Writer

Smrithi is a sophomore at Rock Ridge. She's that type of girl who'll argue till her point is proven right. When she's not arguing, you can find her annoying her sister to get some food or looking up science articles to read.

Rishita Valluru

Staff Writer

Rishita is a sophomore at Rock Ridge. She enjoys playing softball and collaborating with her peers

Tanushree Pandrangi

Staff Writer

Tanushree is a sophomore and first time member of the Blaze. She enjoys dance, spending time with her friends, and watching "Friends."

Nadia Daly

Staff Writer

Nadia Daly is a sophomore at Rock Ridge and this is her first year on staff. She enjoys playing music and baking.

Mariangela Moskalli

Staff Writer

Mariangela speaks 3 languages, and this is her first year on the staff. She loves traveling and wants to go on a world tour when she's older.

Karis Adnan

Staff Writer

A sophomore and first time member of The Blaze, Karis Adnan can be found reading, watching TV, playing volleyball, and annoying her sister.

Alexa Varela-Escobar

Staff Writer

Alexa likes to express herself with glasses. She plays volleyball and video games. She really loves the beach and is an ocean lover who's terrified of jellyfish. She is the queen of procrastination, but when she starts working she works hard. If you ever need to find her, she's usually hanging around her brothers.

Shaima Tora

Staff Writer

Shaima is a sophomore and this is her first year on the staff. She likes to draw and watch Netflix in her free time.

Angelina Daly

Staff Writer

Angelina is a sophomore at Rock Ridge. She loves music and enjoys the outdoors.

Viv Bali

Staff Writer

Viv Bali is a sophomore at Rock Ridge. The best way to describe him is that he spent two hours trying to get this bio and his photo right.

Ananya Muralikrishna

Staff Writer

Ananya is very excited to be on the newspaper staff. This year isn't how she thought it would be. She thought we'd be in school and meeting new people. Even though this year is online, she hopes that she can make this year as fun as possible.

Selivia Habib

Staff Writer

Selivia is a sophomore at Rock Ridge, and this is her first year with the staff

Madison Taggart

Staff Writer

Madison is a senior at Rock Ridge, a certified bookworm, and part-time artist. She enjoys eating, watching Youtube, and dreaming about making a difference. She can write pretty much anything she needs and/or wants to.

Giulietta Jafari

Staff Writer

Giulietta is a first-year member on The Blaze staff. She enjoys illustrating, playing soccer, and watching the news/political podcasts.

Peyton Campbell

Staff Writer

Peyton and is a senior this year. She is excited to be part of the newspaper since she enjoys writing so much! A few of her hobbies are drawing, hanging out with her friends, traveling, and baking. Writing of course is also a major part of her life. She is taking a lot of courses this year that involve writing such as Writing Center and DE English,...

Darby Sherwood

Staff Writer

Darby is a junior, and she's stoked to be taking Journalism. :)

Gabriel Dell

Staff Writer

Gabriel is a senior at Rock Ridge and a first-year newspaper staff member who enjoys physical activities like running and biking. When he is not doing any physical activity, he likes to get a hot cup of hot chocolate and read about fiction or the economy.

Zain Khalidi

Staff Writer

Zain is a sophomore at Rock Ridge High School. He enjoys reading, writing, watching films, and listening to music. Being a part of the newspaper, he hopes to inform the public about current events and get your attention with stories worth your time.

Belle Duffner

Staff Writer

Belle is a graphic designer, entomologist, adventurer, and lover of the unusual. Her personality can be discovered in the things she keeps, such as her snake, leeches, vinyl records, or anything of the classical academic arts. If she's not obsessing over her hobbies, she's probably in deep thought about something else new and interesting.

Tanishka Enugu

Staff Writer

Tanisha is a freshman at Rock Ridge who plays basketball and runs track and field. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family and listening to music.

Colin Wilkinson

Staff Writer

Colin just likes to write and play videogames.

Sarah Baig

Staff Writer

Sarah Baig is a sophomore and this is her second year in the newspaper. She's a part-time Hogwarts student & full-time Netflix fanatic. Go Baig or go home.

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