Connor Martin, 11

“We call ourselves Comic Failure. All of our band members — we consider ourselves funny. We like to think so, at least. So that’s where the name comes from because it means a failing comedian, or like, a funny failure, which is what we are. It started when my friend, Grant, said, ‘Do you want to be in a band?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’ That’s really it. We all had friends who played instruments, so we just got them together, and that’s how it happened. I’m the lead guitarist in the band; I’ve been playing guitar since early 2018. I’d like to do music as a career, but it’s unrealistic. Not a lot of people make it, and it’s not a secure job. It’s probably not going to happen, so I guess my alternative plan would be programming or something. Being in this band has given me more to do on the weekends, a goal to work towards, and just a deeper appreciation for music.”

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