Photo courtesy of Gayathri Kavitha

Gayathri Kavitha, 11

Q: What originally made you want to join Science Olympiad?

A: I’ve been seeing all my friends do Science Olympiads since the eighth grade, and honestly, I felt like in high school, it would be a better idea to do it because I saw all my friends having such a fun time in the middle school version. They were right because Science Olympiad is such a fun activity that I do.

Q: Alongside Science Olympiad, what other clubs have you joined out of interest or outside of school?

A: I joined clubs that are volunteering based or based on science. I joined Science Olympiad specifically because it was science-based, and that is what I want my future profession to be in. So, I thought it would be cool to explore the fields of science. I do volunteering-based clubs because I want to be in pre-health when I grow up.

Q: What experiences in the classroom or clubs have impacted you? In what ways do you think they helped you?

A: In Science Olympiad, specifically, I learned a lot about collaboration there, and I feel like I’m learning better science when I’m in there because it’s not a requirement like school. I get to talk to my friends, and we get to prepare for the events we’re gonna compete in. But in a school setting, I like to learn mainly about biology because I want to be a doctor one day.

Q: Have you found it’s been more difficult or easy to do this while in quarantine?

A: Oh, definitely. Volunteering and hospital hours, research opportunities, and internship opportunities have been canceled a lot, which makes me kind of upset because I was looking forward to doing this during junior year and during the third quarter of my sophomore year. 

Q: When you are doing activities, are there any specific people who have helped you figure out what you like to do or garner interest in something that you didn’t think you would enjoy before?

A: Going to AET [Academies of Engineering and Technology] impacts that a lot, because I also like computer science. My teacher, Mr. Chapin — he’s taught me to appreciate computer science as well. Computer science is like a hobby, and it’s really cool to learn more about problem-solving and programming languages.

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