Peyton Campbell: Swan Song

Peyton Campbell, Staff Writer

In my four years of high school, I learned more about myself, relationships, and growing up than I expected. High school changed me as a person and allowed me to understand what I wanted and didn’t want, what was right and what was wrong. I am truly grateful for it. Underclassmen, in the next four or three years you have left, you will endure new experiences and new feelings you haven’t before. These things could be heartbreak, new friendships, petty drama, parties–whatever it may be. Everything you go through will teach you something and it will allow you to mature a little more each time. If you hold onto that, you’ll get through the struggles and the tough times. 

I could list off numerous amounts of advice, but that would create a novel. Instead, I’ll leave you with the most important one:  live your best life in high school. One of my biggest regrets is not having fun, taking risks, and trying new things until junior year. This is your last four years before you become an adult. Take up every ounce of that time you have. You’ll be eighteen and graduating before you know it. Academics are important and so is getting that good GPA, but that’s not what high school is all about. Experiment, meet new people, make memories, just enjoy it. Learning what you want, responsibilities, and growth don’t come from staying in your room with a textbook every night. Go outside, be with people, do anything and everything with them. The freedom you have of being a teenager with no real world problems and expectations doesn’t last forever. Take advantage of that.