Ayesha Ansari, 11

“I play two varsity sports at Rock Ridge: field hockey and lacrosse. I started playing both my sophomore year, so this year will be my second season on each team. I really like being a part [of teams] because it allows you to meet so many people and make new friends that you may not have ever met otherwise, specifically people from other grades that you may not have classes with. I met a lot of upperclassmen through playing sports that really gave me good advice and guidance about school-related topics like selecting classes and managing workloads. Being on a team is a really fun and rewarding experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed and has definitely been a learning experience. It not only helps you to improve your skills in the sport, but also teaches you to manage your time effectively and stay on top of your schoolwork, [while] also learning to push yourself and give 100% [to the team] so that you and your team can become better [athletes] together.”

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