Despite Field Hockey Loss Against the Parkview Patriots, Field Hockey Coach Federico is Optimistic for the Phoenix

On Oct. 5, the field hockey match between the Phoenix and the Patriots was a close game resulting in a 2-1 loss for the Phoenix. Coach Federico, who is passionate about the sport, has high hopes for the Phoenix team in the future.


Alexis Cortés Negrón

Michelle Federico coaches the varsity field hockey team in the Phoenix v. Patriots match on Oct. 5 at the Rock. As head coach, she wants more girls to be interested in a sport like field hockey. “[Field hockey has] always been my favorite sport,” Federico said, “It’s unique, it’s hardcore. People don’t realize how difficult it is.”

From the sideline, varsity head Coach Michelle Federico watched the game with intensity and enthusiasm. Once a goal was scored, Coach Federico sparked up with excitement. Her passion for the sport shined through her expression, as the effort that she put into the girls had finally paid off.

At 5:30 on Oct. 5, the field hockey team took on the Park View Patriots. Although Junior Ayesha Ansari made a goal in the first quarter for the Phoenix, the match ended with a 2-1 Phoenix loss.

Federico, the head coach of the varsity field hockey team, was actively in charge during the game. Federico said that the team has been improving over the last few games. “We’re very much a beginning team, most of our players had never played field hockey before,” Federico said. “So, in that sense, they are doing really well…overall, it’s a little harder with our competition. But as a team, from where they started, they are doing really well.”

Federico  started coaching the Phoenix team after getting her USA Field Hockey certification. But that didn’t come without any difficulties. “It’s [challenging] getting girls out who are interested in [field hockey] because there are not a lot of players with experience here.” Federico said. Despite this, Federico has high expectations for her team.  “I expect a lot, I push them hard. They do a lot of running that they don’t like. I expect them to be working hard. And I just want my athletes to be all around good people.”

Her high expectations have inspired the players of the field hockey team. “My coaches have inspired me to push through and keep going during tough games when I am really tired,” Ansari said. “I was able to score my first goal during the October 5th Parkview home game, and that never would have been possible without my coaches helping me become confident in myself and my abilities.”

The team has high hopes for the next game, even after their close loss. Before the Phoenix and the Patriots bid each other good luck and after the Phoenix and the Patriots left each other with “good game,” the team has and will continue to practice just as Federico had said, with determination and confidence.