The Final “Battle of the Ridges”

On Feb. 10, the double header between the Phoenix varsity basketball teams and the Lightridge Lightning varsity basketball teams resulted in a defeat of the Phoenix girls varsity team of 46-31 and a victory for the Phoenix boys varsity team of 47-33.


Amelia Chen

Sophomore Daniel Okoye (34) and freshman Trey Fitch (3) attempt to block Lightridge player Rishab Kantikanani (44). Okoye was able to block four Lightning shots in the game.

On Feb. 10, the second “Battle of the Ridges” commenced with the Phoenix’s third and final double header of the season taking place at Lightridge. The theme for the Phoenix student section was “Sleepin’ on ‘em” and the student sections for both schools were packed with high energy and spirit. The Phoenix girls and boys varsity teams faced the Lightridge Lightning in their last two games of the 2021-2022 regular basketball season. 

The double header started off with the girls varsity team. The Lightridge girls were able to take an early lead and the first quarter ended 14-5. Sophomore Cora Bowen (2) was able to score two three pointers and junior Sruthi Dacherla (5) tallied 16 points to the Phoenix’s score. However, the Lightridge girls maintained a lead throughout the game, which ended with Lightning winning 46-31.

“We could’ve done so much better,” sophomore Isabella Lopez (32) said, “[All of us] realized that we did not do good today. We’ve played against teams where we got beaten by, like, 50 or something, [but] we still played better than we did today.”

The Phoenix boys varsity team was   able to take a quick lead and the first quarter ended 8-3. The Phoenix would continue to stay ahead with senior Aditya Kamath (5) and junior Basit Qadri scoring three, three pointers. Both players combined for  26 points. “I think I did pretty good, I could’ve just stopped forcing shots at the end. I think everyone did great on defense though,” Qadri said.

The game ended with the Phoenix winning 47-33 and the Phoenix boys finished their season 12-10. “Even though we started out 0-5… we finished 12-10 overall, so [I’m proud of] the fact that we were able to overcome that and make that turn around,” junior Nick Canfield said.