Phoenix Girls Soccer Kicks Off Their Season With a Win

Phoenix girls soccer had their first scrimmage of the season on March 8 against the Millbrook Pioneers, starting their season with a victory 1-0.


Harini Kannan

Senior Ayanna Fabunmi (6) attempts to steal the ball from a Pioneer after it was thrown back into the game. “The team is great,” Fabunmi said. “We’re all getting along really well, no one’s arguing.”

The Phoenix girls varsity soccer began their season with a scrimmage against the Millbrook Pioneers on Tuesday, March 8. The coach and the team were eager to play its debut match of the season. “It was a scrimmage, but we take it as a normal game,” coach Emily Bream said. “I’ve been excited about the girls. They play together as a team and they support each other.” The team has three captains this year, seniors Sofia DiFulvio (2), Ayanna Fabumni (6), and Aidie Bell (3), who kicked off the game by shaking hands with the Pioneers captains. 

The first half of the game went by with neither team being able to score through each other’s tight defense. After half time, the game picked up the pace as the Phoenix scored the only goal of the game. The winning shot was made by DiFulvio, starting off the Phoenix record 1-0. Spectators on the bleachers along with players on the bench cheered for DiFulvio’s goal. “We were in their half most of the time,” Fabumni said. “We just couldn’t just get a shot off. [The goal] was well deserved.” 

The team showed impressive teamwork and passing  throughout the game with players like Bell and sophomore Kim Trieu  keeping the ball moving. “[I did a good job of] getting to the ball quickly, getting rid of it quickly,” Trieu said. 

The team has high hopes for the remainder of the season after their first victory. The team has switched to a different division which is smaller than the previous year to accommodate the team size. As the girls soccer only has a varsity team this season, the players look forward to bonding with each other. “We are now in person, we can interact with each other and bond, whereas that wasn’t possible with COVID last year,” DiFulvio said, “ It is easier to connect and feel a sense of togetherness that was difficult from last season.”

The next game of the season will take place on March 23 against the Vikings at Loudoun Valley.