Students and Staff Set, Serve, and Spike

On March 18, students and staff faced off against each other in the sixth annual student vs. staff volleyball game. The staff team consisted of 14 members, while the students’ team had 21 students. Out of three sets, staff won the last two, claiming this year’s victory.


Abby Welch

The student crowd shines their phone flashlights to the music as junior Emily Lam prepares to serve the ball.

As the students scored their first point of the annual student vs. staff volleyball game, the crowd roared with cheers and applause, jumping up on their feet, and shouting compliments to their fellow students on the court. 

 The students started off strong in the first set, winning 15-6. “We had a bunch of energy going into the second and third sets,” junior participant Emily Lam said. “We were all really energized with everyone in the crowd.” 

Although the students had a competitive first set, they fell to the staff team in sets two and three, with scores of 15-9 and 15-8, respectively. 

Assistant special education teacher and Track & Field Coach Trent Lancaster won MVP for his performance in the game. “It feels nice [to get MVP], but I think the big part of it was definitely just how we worked as a team,” Lancaster said. 

Staff members and students alike had positive reflections about the game. “My favorite moment was stuffing my coach [Trent Lancaster],” senior Tiernan Caulfield said. “I jumped and blocked him really well.” 

After recent cancellations of pep rallies due to concerns about the pandemic, students are excited to bring back old traditions. “Being able to play in front of the student body and playing with each other [was a memorable experience], because we don’t really get the chance to play with our peers, so I think that was really fun,” Lam said. 

English teacher Shelby Whittington said she greatly enjoys the annual game. “It was really exciting,” Whittington said. “We always have so much fun doing this.” 

Both students and staff members enjoy the annual tradition and recognize its importance in fostering a close-knit school community. “We want to build up school spirit,” junior class Vice President Isabella Nguyen said.  “[By] getting more students involved [in school events], I feel like we build a community and a family.”