Hot New Job Opportunities at Summer Job Fair

On March 14, from 6:30 to 9 p.m., students explored job, internship, and volunteering opportunities at the annual Summer Job Fair.


Alexis Cortes

Sophomores William Butler and Isabella Lopez listen as a representative from GoBananas describes a possible job opportunity for the summer. “I’ve already found four interesting jobs; some of [the businesses] I was looking forward to meeting weren’t here, but there are a lot of ones I’ve heard about or haven’t heard about but seem to have a good deal,” Butler said.

With almost every square inch of the gymnasium bustling with people, students roam around, looking at various stalls, admiring their presentations, and attempting to secure an opportunity for the summer. The crowds push you along until one of the stalls catches your eye — a giant dinosaur statue that is vibrant in blues and greens, the name GoBananas rests on the stall. Intrigued, you greet the person behind the stall and learn about a  job opportunity. .

On March 14, Rock Ridge hosted the annual summer job fair in the school gym, with over 20 employers present. Students searched for summer employment opportunities, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Attendees were able to look at jobs stalls that ranged from lifeguarding and swim coaching, to customer service, fast food, and much more.

The employment tables were organized in colors to make it easier for students to find opportunities that fit them: yellow were for students 14 and up, red accepted those 15 and up, blue accepted those 16 and up, and pink tables accepted students that were 18 and up. The volunteer tables were green and internship tables were white. 

Jan Abraham from 22nd Century Technologies, a tech company, was offering internships to people for any position from education to healthcare and many more things; all applicants were required to be 16-18 years of age. 

“[It is] a very open community that we work in,” Abraham said. “Last year was my first year at 22nd Century Technologies; [it was] great. It is a heartwarming place with people at work giving it their all.”

To find jobs like 22nd Century Technologies and more, please visit the summer job fair website.