PTSO Pep Rally Prepares Parents of Students Entering High School

On April 21, the PTSO held a pep rally for parents to meet their fellow parents of rising freshmen and learn what to expect from the school, administration, and students.


Smrithi Balakumar

Principal John Duellman shares the opportunities for students, such as joining clubs and popular classes, to pursue at Rock Ridge with parents.

On April 21, the PTSO held a social pep rally for parents of the Rock Ridge High School and Stone Hill Middle School community. As their big end-of-year social event for parents and family to come together, the pep rally was a chance to hear from Principal John Duellman, who shared his vision about the school and its future. The parents also had a chance to hear about what the PTSO does and ways to get involved. “We want you to be here and support your kids in every way possible,” PTSO Vice President of Fundraising Diane Greene said.

Parents were able to participate in a raffle, buy spirit wear, and meet other parents of students who are or about to attend Rock Ridge next year. They were also encouraged to sign up for PTSO positions, like president, treasurer, secretary as well as join their committees, which included the courtyard, website, and back-to-school committees, to help plan and execute different events and projects. “I will try to be as involved as much as possible [in the PTSO],” Stone Hill parent Sugandhi Rohinikumar said after hearing about the organization. 

The pep rally started with Greene introducing what the PTSO would be discussing during the rally, including updates within the PTSO and the activities they will be doing with the parents. Afterwards, the parents participated in an activity where they could get to know each other by introducing themselves to other parents and their children. “This is my first time at this school and it looks very promising,” Rohinikumar said. “I’ve talked to [PTSO members] and I’m excited to ask them more questions.”

Along with the mini game activity, the PTSO explained about the variety of clubs their kids can join to find a sense of community over shared interests. Eighth grader Aryan Bhasin attended the meeting along with his mother and little brother. “I always wanted to feel included, so I think I’ll be joining some clubs,” Bhasin said.

Senior Kylie Miller was also invited to give a speech about her life and experiences at Rock Ridge. She provided insight to parents about her high school life from participating in DECA to joining theater. “Since my first day here, I have always said that Rock Ridge is the best community I’ve been a part of,” Miller said. “Mr. Duellman does an amazing job at making [Rock Ridge] feel like a home.”

The pep rally ended with parents breaking into groups and doing Q&A’s with some administrators, including head of counseling Kevin Terry, activities coordinator Annamika Hacikyan, and other PTSO members.