Causing a Racket: Boys Tennis Reigns Supreme

At one of the final home matches of the season, the Phoenix boys tennis team aced the game against the Park View Patriots on May 3.


Alyssa Yoon

Senior Anish Nandyala prepares to serve during the doubles matches, with partner sophomore Aryan Dhiman ready to play.

On Tuesday May 3, the Phoenix boys tennis team played against the Park View Patriots, winning 9-0. The team started the game with six individual single matches, each player finishing at their own pace. The Phoenix took a quick lead with a final singles score of 6-0. Sophomore Kaushik Muskari was the first to finish his match. While Muskari was victorious in this match, he still has some personal goals for his upcoming games. “I could definitely work on my serves, but other than that, I played okay,” Muskari said. “[Before my next game I would] probably go out and hit with some friends and train.” 

After the Phoenix completed their singles matches, the three double matches began. The Phoenix won the doubles matches 3-0, making the final score a 9-0 win against the Patriots. 

After playing tennis for three years, senior Anish Nandyala bids his farewell to Rock Ridge tennis by reflecting on what tennis has taught him. “Tennis has made me more competitive and better in a team setting. in doubles, you have to work with your teammate, and communicate,” Nandyala said.  Nandyala  also specifically reflected on his last singles match of his high school tennis career. “I think I played well, whenever I lost a point I didn’t lose it, I just kept playing and won,” Nandyala said. 

The Phoenix boys tennis team will be competing in districts, which starts on May 13.