Yearbook Staff Successfully Delivers the 2021-2022 Book

After a year of hard work, the yearbook staff completed the design and content for the book by their final deadline, April 2. Yearbooks are now available for distribution.


Lily Bridges

Sophomore yearbook staffer Elizabeth Bird works on getting interviews for her spread as the yearbook staff approaches their final deadline of the year. Yearbooks are available for purchase for $85 here.

Rodrigue Gomado and Lily Bridges

Yearbook distribution is a signal that the 2021-2022 school year is coming to a close, giving students a chance to look back. With history teacher and yearbook advisor Michelle Menna, editors-in-chiefs seniors Ellie Schubert, Soifa Difulvio, Christine Choung, Payton So, and Evie Josselyn, as well as juniors Miriam Ahmed and Jack Capobianco leading their effort, the yearbook class wrapped up  their final deadline on April 2. 

The school yearbook serves as a snapshot of the school year and showcases pictures of every student and staff member, as well as photos of special events  like homecoming, sporting events, pep rallies, spirit weeks, and  regular school days. As they approached their final deadline, the yearbook team checked for grammar mistakes, edited photos, designed spreads, and finished writing stories.

Senior Aarushi Raghupathi  has enjoyed her three years on staff. “Towards the end of my freshman year, when we were all doing our course selections, the class of 2018 yearbook had just just taken a field trip to New York since there was a convention there,” Raghupathi said. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I want to go on a New York trip!’” 

The yearbook class aims to take a trip to a convention for student journalism if they get nominated for prestigious publishing awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, or CSPA. 

CSPA is an international student press association that was created in 1925 to bring high school and college student journalists and academic advisers together, and the Rock Ridge Yearbook program won a Crown, their highest award, for the 2018 book.

For many yearbook members, perfecting the yearbook is a critical part to providing the school body with memories to last a lifetime. “The yearbooks hold so many memories of some of the greatest years of your life,” sophomore yearbook staffer Elizabeth Bird said. 

The Yearbook class isn’t just a class that makes the school yearbook. “To me, the yearbook is where I had time to work and make lifelong memories and friends,” sophomore Naolee Makonnen said. “Having people like that in my class made it very fun and easy to finish the yearbook right on time.”  

The yearbook delivery has been making customers pleased. “When I bought it, it was perfect,” freshman Harmony Dickerson said. “I am very happy with the hard work that the yearbook team did in making a perfect yearbook.” 

Yearbooks are available for purchase for $85 here.