New and Old Phoenix Rise For Flight Day

As a new school year approaches, rising freshmen and returners came to Flight Day to get prepared for the year, where they met new and old teachers, saw friends after summer, and enjoyed Kona Ice to end the event.


James Bowles

As freshmen and returning students enter the building after summer break, they are greeted by teachers for the upcoming school year ahead. One such teacher is ASL teacher Elizabeth Bush, who was eager to greet students coming to her class. “Just come in with a good attitude and readiness to try something new,” Bush said.

James Bowles, Managing Editor

Students gathered to greet their teachers early, learn a little about upcoming classes, and see friends after a long Summer break on August 19th from 9am to 1pm for Flight Day. “It’s good to be back,” sophomore Renaldo Swain said.

Clubs such as DECA and FBLA were able to set up early before the school year, and students were given ample time to learn everything they could about Rock Ridge. Some students, however, were nervous for the upcoming classes and work that comes with them. “I’m anxious about getting swamped with work and not being able to work past it,” junior Henry Sherwood said. 

Two hours into the event, students who stayed were able to enjoy some free Kona Ice. Flight Day ended giving rising freshmen a great first impression of RRHS, and returning students a warm welcome back.