Ibrahim Rostom Makes the Youth Egyptian National Team

After a difficult and rigorous trial process, junior Ibrahim Rostom made a trial for the youth Egyptian National Team over the summer.


Courtesy of Ibrahim Rostom

Junior Ibrahim Rostom stands happily with a thumbs up after the trial with the youth Egyptian National Team. He had just played well and was pleased with his performance.

Hylay Assefa, Staff Writer

Junior Ibrahim Rostom had the weight of his family, his friends, and himself on his shoulders. He had played soccer for various clubs and for the high school team. Rostom had played for the club Revolution for the past 5 years, and played for Rock Ridge for two years. He played on the junior varsity team during his freshman and sophomore year, and moved up to varsity for the last two games of sophomore year. This summer, he took those experiences — and the hopes of his coaches, friends, family, and himself — on a plane to Egypt for a chance to play with the Egyptian national team. 

Rostom, who plays center attacking midfielder, went to Egypt for a trial with the youth Egyptian National Team in mid July. After the trial, he aims to go back in January to practice with the team. “I feel I can control the game when playing my position,” Rostom said. 

Rostom has a lot of mentors for soccer, such as his coach and fellow teammates. However, his mentor in life is his dad. His dad is very successful and he wishes to be like him when he grows up.  His dad is Rostom’s connection to Egypt, and they visit the country frequently. “Every time I go to Egypt, I’m always fascinated,” Rostom said.

Chemistry teacher Michael Clear is the varsity soccer coach at Rock Ridge. He coached Rostom while he played for the school team. “For [Rostom], his leadership, communication, and his overall skill is huge. I think he made an impact when being moved up to varsity,” Clear said. “He controlled the game more. He helped guide players to be better. I think he will make a big addition to the varsity team this year.”

Junior Amaan Zafar is a manager for the junior varsity soccer team, and is close friends with Rostom. “Ibrahim is a good player, I think he deserves going to Egypt,” Zafar said. “He works hard. I am happy for him. I would support him if he were to make the Egyptian National team.”

Junior Carter Divalerio is another junior who is also close friends with Rostom and plays alongside him in Revolution and on the high school team. “We both play center mid and have chemistry together,” Divalerio said. “I think Ibra going to Egypt is a great opportunity for him to strive in his soccer career. I hope he goes somewhere with it.”

“Obviously, a goal for everybody who plays a sport is to play with their national team,” Rostom said. “So, while it may not be easy and there will be a lot of obstacles to get there, I think I am capable of it if I keep working hard.”