MSA: Student-Run Club for Muslim Students and Allies

The Muslim Student Association is utilizing the Red Day meeting times during Activity Period and plans to attend MIST in DC once again.


Courtesy of Joshua Persson via Instagram

The MSA celebrates at the Final Iftar on May 1, 2022 in the school cafeteria with friends and family.

Abhi Sharma and Kamille Simon

Led by senior co-presidents Sarah Baig and Rayyan Ansari, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) strives to build a sense of community among Muslim students at Rock Ridge. Not only does the club appeal to Muslim students, but it also appeals to non-Muslim students and close allies of the community. Inclusivity is one of the agendas the club hopes to push for. “I think we created a good environment for everyone to join and feel welcome,” Ansari said.

According to club sponsor Corinne Sanna, the club hosts bake sales and charity events. The MSA takes pride in the events they hosted last year, such as their Afghan hygiene drive and the Eid goody bag assembly. Both of these events gave members of MSA the opportunity to serve their community. 

Last year MSA members attended DC Muslim Interscholastic Tournament, or MIST. In order to be accepted into this event, MSA members crafted and submitted a student-made short film. For three days, they participated in various competitions with other high school students in the region. The event facilitates the discourse, networking, strategizing, and learning between high school students. MSA plans to take part in DC MIST this year as well.

This school year’s goals were set by Baig and Ansari. At the top of their list is growing membership, finding strength in numbers. The club had approximately 35 members last school year. Their attendance at this year’s meetings have been upwards of 50 members, upperclassmen making up the majority.

Ansari and Baig attribute this growth in membership to the addition of  the activity block. They find this to be increasingly convenient for members. However, to avoid being confined to the 30 minute meetings, they plan on utilizing after school meetings to host guests and events. 

Ansari said that the group plans to host Iftar in the months of March and April. Iftar is the meal that breaks one’s fast during Ramadan. Last year, MSA hosted many potluck-style Iftars, and some were held in combination with other local high school MSAs from Independence, Briar Woods, Riverside, and Stone Bridge. 

Plans have also been made to have members volunteer at a local mosque, All Dulles Area Muslim Society, in Sterling. 

MSA meets on Red Days during activity period  in L210.