Students Slide into Winter Break With Holiday Outfits

During the week of Dec. 12-16, SCA held a spirit week that ended with a pep rally to get students into the mood for winter break and the holiday season.


Karis Adnan

Economics teacher Peter Kim gets pied in the face by senior Akarsh Kontham, after gaining the most money from the hot chocolate sale.

Giving a festive feel to the last week of school before winter break, SCA hosted their winter spirit week Dec. 12-16.  Students looked forward to the week of dressing up because it made school more fun. For senior Jenna Whaley, spirit week “[made] school go by faster.”

Spirit week started off with Merry Monday Morning, where students dressed in festive pajamas. Many students enjoyed the pajama day, since it is comfortable and easy to do. “I saw a lot of teachers and people that usually dress up fancy, wear pajamas,” freshman Angel Labosette said. 

People wore their favorite artist’s merch, or dressed up as their favorite artist, for Tuesday’s Spotify Wrapped theme. On Wednesday, students got to wear their craziest hats and socks. On Thursday, the planned Slay vs. Sleigh spirit day turned into a snow day, canceling school. Finally, Friday was Festive Fits, featuring ugly sweaters, Santa hats, and fuzzy socks to show the holiday spirit. 

Junior Nicole Smith felt that everyone can have a lot of fun during spirit weeks. “I really like that everyone can try to express themselves differently and how everyone wears something completely different,” Smith said.

The spirit week ended on Friday with a pep rally, hyping students up for winter break. At the pep rally, SCA announced that the juniors won spirit week with 16 points, seniors were second place with 13 points, sophomores third place with 8 points and freshman last place with 7 points. The pep rally featured games like a STEM vs. humanities teachers dodgeball game, chicken toss that the seniors won, and economics teacher Peter Kim getting pied in the face.