I’m at “Quiet Space” Right Now

During activity blocks on Friday, the quiet rooms hosted by several different teachers allow a space for students to do work and catch up with classes.


Raza Hassan

Students find history teacher Katharina Felts’ quiet space to be very productive because of the time available to students. The room has been available to students during activity block since the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

Raza Hassan, Staff Writer

In the beginning of this year, Rock Ridge instituted activity blocks on Fridays, which have been a great way for students to participate in different clubs and activities that further their interests. However, if students do not want to take part in any club, there are quiet spaces which allow students to focus on work, allowing time for students to catch up with any class work. Several members of the student body find the quiet rooms as a great place to get work done.

Quiet rooms are a great place for students because they allow students in all grades to be productive. “My favorite thing about the quiet spaces [are] that they provide a safe space to relax and rest,” sophomore Dorsa Baghaei said. It is also a way for students to take breaks and reset for the rest of the day.  

Several staff members enjoy this time as well. History teacher Meghan Adair finds the quiet rooms to be a great resource for students. “Sometimes it’s a sensory overload, and sometimes you just need a space to either decompress, or study, or to focus on whatever is on your to-do list,” Adair said. “You have a little chunk of time in the middle of Friday to get yourself sorted out.” 

In addition, the quiet rooms are a great place for you to catch up with anybody, while also getting work done immediately. “I think my favorite thing is getting to see my old students; they have been the ones who have been coming back into my classroom, so it is wonderful to have them,” Adair said.

Quiet rooms allow time to not procrastinate and to focus on the work that needs to get done immediately and any pending assignments. It is an innovative way for students to focus and be productive. Some might discourage using the quiet spaces because the activity days allow students to join clubs; however, it can be great to not only work, but catch up and meet with people. As a student here at Rock Ridge,  the quiet spaces are a great place to engage in work and to talk with friends. Also, several students can take time for themselves to take a break.

The quiet spaces are always available to students on activity days if they do not prefer a club. The quiet rooms are available during activity days on Friday. A list of the rooms can be found here.