Peace Before Collapse

In a post-apocalyptic world 73 years after the last book in the “Maze Runner” series, “The Maze Cutter” by James Dashner tells the story of three protagonists, Isaac, Sadina, and Jackie, as they try to navigate the new age of the old world.



Eleven years after the last book in the “Maze Runner” series came to a close, James Dashner continues the series with his new book “The Maze Cutter.”

Sebastian Penagos Sandoval, Staff Writer

Readers of the “Maze Runner” series will know that at the end of the final book, “The Death Cure,” Thomas finds an island where they could be free from the outside world. The Flare, WCKD, and cranks, were all forgotten in this new oasis:  a satisfying finish to a three-year trilogy. However, readers have also wondered what happened after the events of  “The Death Cure.” What happened to Minho, Thomas, and Frypan? 

The newly-released book, “The Maze Cutter,” takes place 73 years after the end of the last book in the “Maze Runner” series, “The Death Cure.” This book starts off with Thomas reading a journal written by Newt. According to the book, it’s unclear when Newt started writing in the journal, because he did not write dates, nor were there many references to base the time in which he wrote. Newt’s journal was called “The Book of Newt” and it told the reader the story of his journey and experiences. 

“The Maze Cutter” introduces a few new characters: Isaac, Jackie, and Sadina. Although the story of this book is good and well written, the description of the characters and their personalities is lacking. The book’s only provided descriptions were that Isaac looks up to Frypan and wants to be a blacksmith, Sadina is an outgoing character and Isaac’s best friend, and Jackie just seems to be a part of the friend group.

These three must navigate a world that has changed drastically in the last 73 years, with crazy scientists, new nations, and more evolved cranks. It’s clear to readers that the world shown in “Death Cure” is no more.

It all starts off when a large vessel finds their island. As it slowly approaches their view, letters start to become visible from the side of the ship. The words “The Maze Cutter” are written on the ship’s side. After 73 years, Thomas was still known as the Maze Runner on the island, so the writing on the side of the large ship alarmed everyone. 

Isaac takes notice that the ship is harmless and while he scans the ship, the sight of a falling figure from the ship catches his eye. Quickly, Isaac rushes to go save the person that fell and it turns out to be an old woman. The woman is named Kletter and she has come to the island on a mission. Kletter informs both Isaac and Sadina that she came to the island in search of the descendants of either a brother or a sister, the descendants being of Newt and Sonya. Kletter tells them how the world has evolved and how the virus has developed new variants and has become harder to fight. The cranks have also evolved, as they’ve become more violent and intelligent.

Like the original “Maze Runner,” this is the first book of Dashner’s new trilogy. The modern world that James Dashner implemented for this book sets up the environment for the next book. Knowing the kids are descendants of the old protagonists from the original series made me want to learn more about them and continue reading. Although we didn’t get to learn much about the characters, the story was still really exciting and suspenseful. 

 “The Maze Cutter” is available to read online and in stores.