Phoenix Take Flight Against the Falcons in a Double Header Matchup

On Monday, Jan. 9, both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams went up against the Briar Woods Falcons in a double header game. The game ended with the Phoenix girls team coming up short with a score of 61-14, and the boys team winning 61-48.


Karis Adnan

Junior Cora Bowen dribbles the ball towards the basket, following a turnover that led to Phoenix possession.

On Jan. 9, the Phoenix girls and boys varsity basketball teams came out at home and played against the Briar Woods Falcons. Senior team captain, Sruthi Dacherla, gained the Phoenix their first points with a three-pointer during the first quarter. The girls continued to play hard with great energy, but the first quarter ended with 3-18, Falcons in the lead.  “[I think I bring] more energy and positivity [to the team],” sophomore shooting guard Kalen Walker said. The Phoenix scored 11 more points by the end of the game, but lost against the Falcons, with a score of 64-14.

With a relentless drive and passion to win, the Phoenix boys put up 61 points against the Falcons.  From the tipoff, senior Basit Quadri, junior Kyle Desai, and sophomore Mekhi Motilewa got points on the board for the Phoenix. “A lot of the stuff that I did [last night] didn’t show up on the stat sheet but I was able to open stuff up for other guys,” senior power forward Nick Canfield said.  “And I think I played my best defensive game of the year last night.” From the bench to the starting five, they were able to stay on top by ending the half with 33-15. Even though the Falcons made their efforts to push the Phoenix down, they were still able to rise and come out on top. The Phoenix boys kept up their hard work throughout the game and ended with a score of 61-48.