The Battle of Ridges Results in Both Wins and Losses

On Jan. 13, the Phoenix girls and boys varsity basketball team went up against the Lightridge Bolts in a doubleheader matchup. The Phoenix girls lost 46-22, and the Phoenix boys won 42-27.


Abhi Sharma

Senior Mehma Kathuria keeps the ball away from the Bolt defender. “Our game was together, we were playing with a new play,” Kathuria said. “[The Team’s] chemistry builds and gets better every game.”

As the first 2023 “Battle of the Ridges” approached, students from both schools began to exchange blows about who would be the true winner over social media. This resulted not only in tensions before the game, but also high turnout from both schools as they prepared to cheer on their teams. 

The Phoenix girls varsity basketball team started off the doubleheader. Despite the girls’ strong teamwork and communication, the Bolts dominated the court and quickly took the lead in the first quarter with a score of 18-2. In the third quarter, the Phoenix were able to improve their defense, which caused the Bolts to only score four points during the quarter while the Phoenix scored eight. However, the Bolts continued to hold the lead, and the game ended with a Phoenix loss of 42-27.

With the  Phoenix boys’  win against the Bolts from last year’s winter season giving the student section hope, the boys matchup began. During the first half of the game, both teams put up hard fights, but the Phoenix were able to take a close lead of 21-18 at the end of the second quarter. However, during the third quarter, the Phoenix gained an unexpected momentum, taking a strong lead in the third quarter with a score of 34-21. The boys continued their impressive performance into the fourth quarter, and the game ended with a Phoenix win of 42-27.

The boys were proud of their win and how they performed. “I think we played really good defense that game,” sophomore Will Beck said. “We held them to 27, so that is the lowest anyone has scored all season on us.” 

However, they also reflected on what improvements needed to be made for future games. “As a team, I feel we can improve on our connection, running our plays right and trusting each other, because sometimes we are out of sync,” junior Daniel Okoye said. “But [during this] game, I felt like we were really well synced.”

The next home game will be on Friday, Jan. 20 against the Broad Run Spartans.