Homecoming Hallway Decorations Make for a Morning of Celebration


Megha Korpol

Sophomores Isaac Martin, Jamie Fadgen, Natalie Scchantz, and Amanda Wardlow work together to create a colorful, old-fashioned juke box decoration.

Megha Korpol, Photo Editor

Walking through the school on the morning of October 4 was like no other day; all of the hallways were miniature wonderlands of bright lights, streamers, and peace signs. This year’s Homecoming theme was the Rock of Ages—a recognition of the most memorable moments from iconic decades. The Homecoming hallway competition, organized by the Student Council Association (SCA), is highly anticipated by the student body each year, because of its display of grandeur.

Perhaps the hardest part of decorating to this year’s homecoming theme was depicting an era beyond students’ familiarity. Regardless, each class was still able to present spectacular hallways reminiscent of their time period.

The senior hallway—inspired by the ’80s—was split into distinct sections, each focusing on a different aspect of their decade. It began with a disco theme, then transitioned into an arcade, followed by movies and ending with a Halloween theme. The senior hallway displayed countless pop culture references ranging from “Pac-Man” to timeless movies, like “Ghostbusters”. However, the seniors’ biggest challenge was execution; last year they used store-bought items, but this year they handmade almost everything.

Moving down, junior Ryan Nguyen said their hallway is “the culmination and the clash of the various cultures within the 70’s decade.” Similar to the seniors’ hallway, the juniors had the same approach of having different sections within their space.“We have an entire part of the hallway as tie-dye, groovies [sic], hippies and another part like a party—disco,” said Nguyen.

Izzy Mcilvenna, one of the sophomore SCA representatives, explained that their 50’s hallway would focus on iconic 50’s themes. “First we are doing a party, [a] drive-in theme and then a dark drive-in area, and then a diner theme,” Mcilvenna said. Another sophomore SCA representative, Jamie Fadgen, said they turned to movies and YouTube videos for hallway inspiration. They watched videos from that time period to get an accurate picture of that time period.

Freshman Tatum Wall said the main focus of their hallway—based on the roaring ’20s—is a jazz club and speakeasy theme. To achieve this, they made music instrument signs to mimic a jazz band.  Unlike the other classes, the freshmen decided to stick with one main idea throughout.

The senior hallway took first place, followed by the juniors. The sophomores earned third place. This year’s hallway decorations were a great glimpse into the past and now it is time to think about the future of next year’s decorations.