A Freshman’s Point of View

As the year comes to a close, the freshman class reflected on their introduction to high school while looking forward to being sophomores, trying to keep their grades intact, dealing with after school activities, and making the most of this last quarter.


Sitwat Mian

The class of 2026 looks back on their experience as freshmen and how much the past few months have changed their character and habits.

Samantha Chang, Staff Writer

The 2022- 2023 school year was an exciting year, especially for freshmen who entered their second Covid-free school year. 

When school started for the freshmen, everything seemed manageable, but as it progressed, and fall turned into winter, the class of 2026  fought challenges. From balancing school work to making the team for the many sports Rock Ridge offers, students faced the struggles of managing their time, which pushed many into positions where they were able to grow and mature as people and students.  

Freshman Charlie Woodell, a member of the Rock Ridge Performing Arts Tech Crew, has changed since the first day of school. “I was not ready for high school,” they said. “I really, really like the amount of freedom that I have and I love theater and the ability to actually be able to do theater.”

Their favorite moment of this year was working on BigFish, their first show ever.“[BigFish] made me happy, but I was terrified too,” Woodell said. “The teachers are really nice, and you shouldn’t be scared of them. Most of the people, especially in theater, are really nice.” 

Thy Vu, an artist, had an interesting experience because she found high school wasn’t as restrictive as middle school. “[High school] gives you a lot more freedom, you get more choices, [and] I like that we can carry backpacks,” Vu said.“In the beginning, it was very scary and I didn’t know what to do, but after  I got used to my surroundings and where all my classes were, I think I [became more extroverted] because I made new friends.” 

Tech crew freshman Jayden Kim had a positive outlook on freshman year. “I like how academic this place is, a lot of stuff you can take too like clubs and stuff,” Kim said. “One thing I was really amazed about is how open this place is, because in middle school everything is locked, like you can’t do this, you can’t do this, but in high school everything is on you.”

The Stone Hill Middle school graduate was shocked when he first entered high school. “It was a little confusing because the building is a little bit bigger, but it was good,” Kim said. “I recommend going [to school events] because it’s really fun [and]  you can get new friends too.”

Kim  struggled to keep up with school work. “ I’m the type of person that rests first and leaves everything for last,” Kim said. “[For] something like the PWP, or the process writing project, assignment, the teacher gives you 3 weeks, which is a long time, but don’t wait until the last moment. If you can finish it fast, other assignments will add on to the time and later you might struggle so as soon as you get an assignment work on it straight away.”