Destroy Lonely’s New Album “If Looks Could Kill” Goes Number 1 on Apple Music

Destroy Lonely, a fairly new artist in the music industry, has accumulated a huge fan base after his release of his new album on May 5. It incorporates his amazing songwriting with immaculate beats.


Destroy Lonely Photographer

Destroy Lonely goes on many people’s playlists and minds with the popularity of his release of his new album. The experimental aspect of the album gave it hype and interest to fans.

Hylay Assefa, Staff Writer

Destroy Lonely, a rising artist in the 2020s, masters rap music with a hint of rock with his new album released on May 5, “If Looks Could Kill.” He started out with “Bane,one of his singles that gained popularity by going viral on TikTok. He then released his popular mixtape, “Broken Hearts,” which grabbed the attention of famous rapper, Playboi Carti. Carti decided to make a record label led by himself which he named “Opium.” Hearing Lonely’s album, he decided to offer him a spot under his record label. Agreeing to sign with the label, Lonely was able to make himself even more popular. Over the summer of 2022, he released another mixtape, “No Stylist,” which made him even more famous. He went on tours all over the world, such as in Thailand, where know one expected anyone there to know him. However, audiences loved him and knew his lyrics word for word. 

As Lonely publicized his new album by posting on Instagram and updating his website, the release  took off on social media. This made people excited since Lonely said that he was going to experiment on this album. This was evident with the single he dropped before the album, “If Looks Could Kill.” The single gained popularity all over the world and built excitement for the upcoming album due to its unique style and beat.

After a  first listen to the album, I had mixed feelings. Fans (myself included) were used to the second half type beats. I decided to listen to it again, but this time, I added the songs I liked to my playlist. The second time around, though, I liked all the songs except four because he was too experimental on those. Out of the 26 songs, I loved 22. I loved the way Lonely experimented on this album with rock beats, but also stayed true to himself and his roots, and stayed with the rage and calm instrumentals. The album had a taste of everything, from bars and fantastic beats, to an amazing feature. 

Junior TJ Desrosiers, who helped me discover Lonely, also loved the new album and was also excited about it. He loved the guitar beats and how he experimented with his style. “His old stuff was literally just like underground trap songs, which is why I love his development over the years,” Desrosiers said. 

This album will go down in history as one of the best developmental and revolutionary rap albums ever. It will pave the way for smaller rappers and how they administer their songs. It will make them more comfortable with experimenting and expressing themselves in their music. I would give the album a 9/10 because I love how he experimented with his style and tried different approaches, I love the rage beats and I love the features.However, I was disappointed with only one rage beat and feature in one song (money and sex), but I loved the album and recommend it to everyone.

“If Looks Could Kill” is available to listen to on all music streaming platforms.