Awards All Around: All School and Senior Awards

The all-school awards and the senior awards are dedicated to complimenting and commending exceptional underclassmen and seniors were held virtually and in-person on May 31 (all-school) and June 1 (senior awards).

On the evening of  June 1, the annual senior awards ceremony was held in the school auditorium to congratulate the class of 2023 on their accomplishments and recognize those who excelled in their learning and education. Seniors were awarded in categories ranging from accomplishments in the fine arts, such as the Choral Booster scholarships, to academic awards, like the National Merit scholarships. Students were even congratulated for enlisting into the U.S. Navy. In total, students were awarded $43,650 worth of scholarships. 

The senior awards ceremony followed the all-school awards show, which took place on May 31 virtually. These awards celebrated the achievements of students from all grade levels and consisted of recognitions from each department of the school: English, social sciences, science, math, fine arts, language, and physical education. There were also miscellaneous awards handed out, like the “Perseverance Award,” the “Work Ethic Award,” and the “Humanitarian Award.” A total of 126 awards were given out to students to recognize their hard work and the effort they put into classes they particularly excelled in. 

Junior Ava Bilinski won the “Scribe Award” for her dedication to writing and the English language. “Winning the ‘Scribe Award’ meant so much to me after many years of dedication to my writing,” she said. “I feel validated in my art. Writing is my passion. Getting all the thoughts that run through my head out on paper is a way I cope with the stresses of everyday life. I have always had a strong love for language and communication. I believe English is much more than just what we learn in class; it is a beautiful way for people to show others the world through their unique lens.”

The senior awards were presented to the students by an array of people, including teachers like English teacher Jessica Berg, marketing teacher Ben Stodola, and choir director Jordan Markwood, to U.S. Navy veteran Petty Officer Troy Sweeney, and the president of the Rock Ridge PTSO board, Tiffany Ahmed. 

Sophomore Alexis Anspach was the recipient of the “Geometry Award.” “I was honored I got an award and was honestly pretty surprised I got one — even though I have an A in the class,” she said.

This year’s all school and senior awards ceremony celebrated the greatest achievements of the class of 2023 seniors, wished them good luck in their endeavors in college, and bid them one last farewell before they end their high school careers.