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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Phoenix Take Down the Titans

On Feb. 12, the Phoenix girls basketball team battled against the Dominion Titans. After a long, hard-fought duel between the two teams, the Phoenix emerged victorious, winning the game 35-25.
Samantha Chang
As the referee throws the ball up for the tip-off, freshman Simone Diby leaps towards the ball to get it in Phoenix possession. Diby is a new member of the Phoenix girls basketball team, and despite it being a change, she finds it enjoyable. “It’s definitely a different experience if you’ve never played on a team, [but] I think it’s still fun.”

Deep into their season, the Phoenix girls basketball team was pitted  against the Dominion Titans for a district-defining game. The clash took place on Feb. 12, and pushed both teams to play aggressively and capitalize on each other’s mistakes. Despite the Titans’ advances, the Phoenix ultimately soared to victory with a final score of 35-25.

As the first quarter began, the Phoenix were quick to secure a tight grip on the lead. After gaining six points, the Phoenix switched to the best defense: a good offense. Phoenix players began closing in on the Titans’ net, constantly passing the ball to each other to catch their opponent off guard. Providing constant support while keeping the pressure going, senior Cora Bowen stayed to the corners of the Titans’ net in order to be a safe and open person to pass to for the Phoenix.

After ending the first quarter with a lead of 6-3, the Phoenix continued to utilize this defensive strategy into the second quarter; however, the Titans were alert and quick to capitalize off of any bad pass made between Phoenix players. The first half ended with the Phoenix still in the lead 13-7.

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Halftime ended and the Titans came back with a vengeance, opting out of their slow-paced and methodical playstyle to instead pressure the Phoenix as much as they could. Bolder moves were made, and the Phoenix had to adapt quickly to match the Titans’ energy. Junior Kalen Walker noted that the team had to coordinate in order to counter the Titans’ new energy. “I think we’re really just focusing on building off of people’s skills,” Walker said. While the Titans were being bolder, it allowed the Phoenix to penetrate their defense. Because of this, the Phoenix was able to keep hold of their lead, ending the third quarter up 26-22.

As the last quarter of the game started, both teams knew that the score gap was closing in after each play.  However, it all came down to the last five minutes of the game as the Phoenix managed to score on three consecutive possessions unanswered, expanding to a 10 point lead. The game ended with a score of 35-25.

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James Bowles
James Bowles, Managing Editor
James Bowles is a senior and is the Managing Editor for The Blaze. In his third year on the paper staff, he still thoroughly enjoys his experience working with everyone associated with The Blaze, and wouldn’t give it up for just about anything. When he compared his previous experience with the student paper as a staff writer versus his current position as an editor, he denotes that both are crucial positions for the paper to run smoothly, though he does appreciate the pseudo-mentor role he has as an editor. He’s also incredibly grateful that the paper has allowed him to spend more time with his brother in academia. One word of advice he hopes to be helpful to the newcomers of the staff is to just hang in there; you will struggle to get in the groove in the beginning, especially when it comes to the more unconventional sides of this work, like photography and interviews, but the knowledge will slowly creep on you, and soon you’ll be able to self-guide through it with ease.
Samantha Chang
Samantha Chang, Staff Writer
Samantha Chang is a sophomore in her second year of staff. An artist and writer from a young age, she has decided to continue working on the newspaper due to the positive experience and friendships she made in her first year. Samanatha has many hobbies, such as painting, writing, and her newfound favorite, krav maga. In school, she’s a dedicated student favoring classes that involve English and tends to stay away from science and math. In the future she hopes to become a journalist or artist.
Leif Labianca
Leif Labianca, Staff Writer
Leif Labianca is in his senior year of high school, and is a first year staff writer on The Blaze. Throughout Labiance’s life, music has been a part of it. His earliest memory with music is him listening to and understanding the lyrics, rhythm, melody, and meaning of each song. One lyrical artist that comes to Labiance’s mind first when thinking about music is the American rapper Robert Bryson Hall II, “Logic.” While a frequent consumer of music, Labiance isn’t a critic of it; he enjoys all types of music not just for its rhythm or lyrics, but the message that is underneath the melody as well. Labiance hopes to explore more music during his time in The Blaze.

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