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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Dua Lipa sits in the ocean as a shark fin approaches her, hinting at the theme of lovers potentially backstabbing you. Photo courtesy of Tyrone Lebon.
Arts & Entertainment
Dua Lipa’s New Album is Unquestionably Not the “End of an Era”
Arnav Mahajan, Staff Writer
It seems like nowadays Gen Z kids act very grown up. Instead of playing in playgrounds, they are running around Sephora. Instead of sending notes to each other in class, they are Snapping each other on Snapchat.  Why has this happened to Gen Z, and is it going to cause any lasting effects on the kids?
Maturity Levels are Getting Higher and Higher
Samantha Chang, Staff Writer
Nature has proven to provide great benefits to students especially during stressful testing periods, allowing for students to take their minds off of school for a brief moment in time.
Unwinding with Nature
Sitwat Mian, Graphic Editor

The Note in a Bigger Journey: Rock Ridge Sends Three Musicians to All-States

On April 19, one Rock Ridge Band and two Rock Ridge Sings students were selected to participate in the All-State Virginia concert in Richmond.
Senior Ananya Akula stands next to Rock Ridge Sings choral director Jordan Markwood after the concert. Photo courtesy of Ananya Akula.

Waiting for the conductor’s mark, the musicians strengthened their grips on their instruments or  prepared their vocal chords as they prepared to play in one of the biggest concerts of their lives.

On April 19th, Rock Ridge Band and Rock Ridge Sings sent three students — one for band and two for chorus — for the All-Virginia concert in Richmond. The musicians practiced day and night for the concert, mastering the pieces they were soon going to play for an audience. Senior Arun Jannupreddy is a clarinet player, and he spent a lot of time working on the song “Steampunk Suite” by Erika Svanoe. “We did a lot of rehearsing over three days; I think we had 20 hours of practice, so it was a lot of work,” Jannupreddy said.

To qualify for all-state, students had to have gotten accepted into the all-district level of band, chorus, or orchestra. They are then allowed to audition for all-state, for which the acceptance rates are slim. Additionally, the highest scorers from the district band also had the opportunity to participate at the state level. “If you get a high enough chair, you can get an audition to all-states; it takes a few months of preparation to get a high chair for this,” Jannupreddy said.  

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In addition to practicing for the concert, students were subject to an even more rigorous schedule on the days leading up to the concerts. The event took place at the Richmond Convention Center and students from all aroundVirginia attended the concert. The event fueled students’ love for music and led them to realize that they wanted to pursue it in the future. Senior Ananya Akula wants to be a chorus director in the years to come. “Through chorus, I found and connected with many people I probably wouldn’t have [otherwise],” Akula said.

Sophomore GraceMonét Carper was also selected for all-state chorus after putting in the work practicing every day, even when it was stressful. She powered through, knowing that her corner was filled with support. “Mr. Markwood was always there for me; so was Ananya, [who let] me know that I got this in the bag,” Carper said. 

Mr. Markwood called my parents on my phone and said, ‘Hey, we need to talk about Grace,’ and [my parents] were, like, ‘Oh my God, is she okay?’ And [Markwood] said, ‘Oh, yeah, she just got all-state!’

After being told that Carper got into all-state, she and Markwood played a playful prank on her parents. “Mr. Markwood called my parents on my phone and said, ‘Hey, we need to talk about Grace,’ and [my parents] were, like, ‘Oh my God, is she okay?’ And [Markwood] said, ‘Oh, yeah, she just got all-state!’” Carper said.

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