BurgerIM Hungry for More

On Feb. 1, Burgerim opened right across the new Brambleton Public Library.

A classic beef and crispy chicken duo with a side of onion rings and signature Burgerim fries and a fountain drink sits fresh out of the kitchen.

Rida Ali, Design Editor

Burgerim, a fast-growing chain, opened a storefront in Brambleton Town Center on Feb. 1. Burgerim, an Israel-based franchise that specializes in mini-burgers, is located directly across from the new Brambleton public library. “It’s a nice, new restaurant and it will bring more attraction with the library right across the street,” said junior Joshua Harlow. The store plans to have a grand opening to welcome community members soon. “As soon as we are done with the training and everything and we know that we can handle the people, we will plan a grand opening,” said owner Saqib Khalid.

The restaurant serves 3-ounce burgers — slightly bigger than average sliders — in boxes of two or three, making a box of two perfect for one person. At first glance, the menu can seem overwhelming due to the array of choices. Khalid said that they are educating people about the menu, and slowly people will understand the concept of the restaurant.  

The 3-ounce signature burgers can be paired with sides which include the classic Burgerim fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. There is also an option to order half and half, meaning the sides can be mixed and matched. The whole concept of the restaurant is for customers to be able to design their own meal. They are able to choose the style, type of patty, and toppings of their sandwich.

“It takes around at least 10 minutes to prepare their meal because we don’t just put oil in our meats, we broil it. It’s a different concept and we do much more work than other burger places,” Khalid said. The classic style Burgerim sandwich with a crispy chicken patty bursts with juicy flavor. However, the ‘crispy’ doesn’t quite live up to its name; the crisp of the patty is taken away by the juiciness inside.  But the flavor makes up for the soggy outside. The beef patty is tender; however, it lacks flavor. Harlow said the beef burgers were good, but sometimes a little overcooked. The restaurant offers two vegetarian burger options — a falafel and a veggie patty. The classic veggie burger has a smooth paste-like texture but not much flavor; the tomato outshines the patty itself.

The signature Burgerim fries attract a crowd due to their unique shape. The cottage-style fries are cut into thin, circular rounds rather than the standard thin strips. Khalid said his mother used to make fries this way and they revive childhood memories for him. When freshly fried and hot, the fries are crisp; unfortunately, due to their thin shape, the inside isn’t as fluffy as the standard fry. In addition to the signature fries, they offer sweet potato fries and onion rings. The onion rings are succulent and have a pleasant crunchy breading.

The store features a huge digital screen displaying social media posts featuring Burgerim. Allegedly, one can post a picture and tag Burgerim and see it appear on the screen. The bar-style ambiance makes for a more casual and comfortable dining experience. It’s quick and convenient, said customer Sally Ness, which seemed to be a consensus among the customers.