Humans of RR: Tashnuva Huda


Taylor Dorsett, Business Manager

“I am involved in a multitude of extracurriculars such as National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta (MAT), and Pre-Professional Health Honors Society. I also work at Kumon, where I tutor children in math and reading, which I really enjoy. I have always loved to learn and I am very passionate about a lot of things; like MAT. Through MAT and Kumon I have learned so many ways to not only teach someone a concept in math but to understand it for myself as well. I have learned that there are certain ways a concept has to be taught in order for the person to comprehend it. Not everyone understands new material the first time around. For some people, they need to be shown each step in order to fully understand how to do similar problems; others might only need to be shown one simple step. There are multiple ways to explain a concept to a student, and I was able to teach my peers in different ways based on how they thought through problems or what they had trouble with the most.”