Saish Koneru, 12

“Money was my thing that I have always wanted. Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to be is successful and to make money. Money over Everything. I was addicted to the thought of money. I made my first 6 figure play. I turned $60,000 from one play to $444,000 overnight. I woke up and I saw this number on my table — it was like a dream. I didn’t know what was going on and I was just in disbelief. I kept going. I turned that $444,000 into $500,000. There was this one big play that came up that I really believed in. It was a Netflix play and I decided to put $200,000 into it. The next morning I woke up to almost $1.1 million. I remembered one day, 2 years ago, in the shower I was like ‘I want to make $15,000 and buy my dad a Rolex.’ I went to Best Buy, I bought a $1500 camera, I got a mic, I got everything ready. I got all my friends and my dad’s old watch — just like an old $500 cheap watch — and we went to the Rolex store in the Tysons Galleria and made my first YouTube video: “Buying my dad a $15,000 Rolex.” That’s kinda how I blew up in the Loudoun County fame area. Everyone’s like ‘who is this dude blowing up making money’ and stuff.”

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