The First Taste of Senior Traditions

With their final year in full swing, the class of 2022 gathered in the library for their first senior class meeting Thursday morning.


Megan Langsam

Seniors Esther McPalmer and Maryam Nabih eat Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches in the library during senior breakfast. “[Senior year] is going OK, it’s not bad, and I’m enjoying early release and [taking] less classes,” McPalmer said. McPalmer looks forward to prom and future senior breakfasts during her last year of high school.

Megan Langsam, Editor-in-Chief

On Sept. 23, the class of 2022 gathered for their first senior breakfast and official senior class meeting. 

At 8:30 a.m., seniors filed into the library to enjoy Chick-fil-A sandwiches along with Starbucks frappuccinos, Bai flavored waters, and bottled water provided by parents. 

Seniors gathered in groups at tables and booths throughout the library, spending time with their friends and peers before heading into the auditorium for the mandatory senior meeting at 9:15.

Led by career center counselor Mary Barnes, Assistant Principal Dawn Dickerson, head of counseling Kevin Terry, and  SCA student officers from the senior class, the senior meeting discussed Homecoming on Oct. 9, an asynchronous day on Oct.13 while the rest of the school takes the PSAT, information explaining how to set up the senior meeting with counselors, and the reveal of the class t-shirt. 

Dickerson also described some of the changes to Homecoming this year. These included a senior kickball game that every senior can participate in replacing the usual powderpuff game, and electing a “royal court” instead of homecoming king and queen to make the event more inclusive with the introduction of policy 8040. In addition, to meet COVID-19 safety standards, the homecoming pep rally and the homecoming dance will be held at the football stadium. At the homecoming pep rally, the first Rock Ridge pep rally in over 18 months, the seniors are encouraged to reveal their class of ‘22 t-shirts to the rest of the school. 

Seniors can check the class schoology page and their weekly emails from Barnes and Principal John Duellman for more information on upcoming senior events, scheduling their senior meeting with a counselor, submitting transcript requests for college applications, and more. 

The next senior breakfast will take place on Dec. 14 in the library.