Bulldogs Threaten Phoenix Territory

On Friday Dec 3, the Phoenix had their first varsity boys basketball home game against the Stone Bridge Bulldogs. The Bulldogs beat the Phoenix by only 3 points, ending the game 46-43.


Sarah Baig

Junior Basit Qadri dribbles through sophomore Bulldog Omar Abushaban´s defense in an effort to score. ¨[A big student section] gets me more into the game. [Also] working with my team, keeping the ball moving.¨ Qadri said.

Sarah Baig and Harini Kannan

Decked out with their suits for a ¨strictly business¨ theme, the students in the Phoenix pit eagerly waited for the start of the first home game of the season against the Stone Bridge Bulldogs on Dec. 3. After winning their scrimmage against the battlefield bobcats, the Phoenix were in high spirits. The score remained tight throughout the game, with the Bulldogs leading 9-8 in the first quarter and 17-15 in the second. The Phoenix took the lead in the third quarter, but the Bulldogs ultimately held on to win, ending the game 46-43. 

Junior Nick Canfield kicked off the scoring in quarter one and the Bulldogs immediately responded, putting the team in a back and forth battle throughout the game. At the end of the first quarter, one three pointer put the Bulldogs in lead with Phoenix close behind. Both teams kept a slim point margin between them throughout the game, and with 1 minute left in regulation, the Bulldogs made 3 key shots, narrowly winning by 3 points.