Boys Tennis Serves Another Triumphant Win

Through paramounting perseverance, the Phoenix boys tennis team threw all hands on deck in an abundance of singles and doubles; ending victorious with two winning scores in both matches.


Alyssa Yoon

The varsity boys tennis team gathered around tennis coach Chris Schamus following their triumphant round of singles.

Zain Khalidi and Alyssa Yoon

The Phoenix boys tennis team played against the Stone Bridge Bulldogs on March 17, winning 9-0. The game began with six singles matches, with each player finishing at their own pace.  The singles ended with the Phoenix in the lead with a final score of 6-0.  Freshman Kaustav Guttikonda was the first to finish his singles match. While he achieved victory in the fleeting seconds of the match, he aspires to have  a more focused and strategic approach to follow through with in the future. “I think I played pretty well but…not like how I actually play,” he said. 

Guttikonda, who has been playing tennis for four years, has learned a lot from his time on the court. “[Tennis] is something I do everyday, it has kept me in good health and gives me passion for something outside of just school,” he said. Guttikonda also spends time reflecting on his performance and possible improvements  after every match. “I want to improve on my confidence because sometimes I get nervous during the matches and my level goes down.”

After the Phoenix  completed their singles matches, the three double matches began. The Phoenix won the doubles matches 3-0, making the final score a 9-0 win against the Bulldogs. Coach Chris Schamus took a moment to reflect on their great work. “They definitely bounced back well,” he said. “We  had a loss on Tuesday, but they played their game all the way through and improved in all aspects from the last game,” Schamus said.