The Phoenix Boys Soccer Team Faces the Bulldogs in a Dogfight

The Phoenix beat the Bulldogs 2-1 during the varsity soccer game on March 14.


With their gaze fixed on the ball, freshman Rishit Choudhari (23) and senior Mo Hammadi (24) run towards the action.

On March 14, the Phoenix boys varsity soccer team faced the Bulldogs with the Phoenix emerging victorious, winning 2-1. The Phoenix and the Bulldogs were locked in a stalemate at the end of first half, but senior Prince Amarante (13)  managed to score a second goal in the second half to win. 

Freshman Rishit Choudhari (23) said that the team had a few places to improve their game. “I feel like we could’ve protected the ball a bit more and been more energetic,” Choudhari said. Choudhari said  teammate junior Shane Hagler stood out on the field because “he made crucial saves and did really well that game.”