Phoenix’s Girls Lacrosse Faces the Panthers with Determination

The Phoenix girls lacrosse team went up against the Panthers on March 29, putting up a fight but eventually losing 18-2.


Alyssa Yoon

Junior Taylor Cheek (14) attempts to steal the ball away from the Panthers.

On March 29, the girls lacrosse team played against the Potomac Falls Panthers in freezing temperatures. The Panthers came out on top, winning 18-2.

While playing a tough game, the Phoenix managed to score two goals against the Panthers defense. Both goals, quick breakaways from center field, were scored by junior Nora Beck (24). The first goal was scored in the first half, and the second in the second half. Beck’s breakaways required a variety of lacrosse elimination and offensive moves. 

Although winning was a main focus, the  players were also focused on supporting each other and working hard in preparation. “I was thinking about what I can do and improve on from my last game, [and] I was thinking about how I can hype up my teammates, and just to make sure everyone has a good time, I wanted to improve my communication,” junior Taylor Cheek said. “I feel like we need to talk a lot more.”

The entire lacrosse team is passionate about the sport. “Many of the players consider lacrosse to be very important in their lives,” Cheek said. “Lacrosse has impacted me in a lot of ways; I’ve met so many new people, I’ve gotten active, I have something to do after school, it’s just been a lot of fun to meet new people and go to other schools to compete.”