Phoenix Clash with Lightridge Lightning in Final Softball Game

The Phoenix girls varsity softball played against the Lightning on May 18. The game ended with a score of 9-1 with the Lightning winning the game.


Alexis Cortés

Junior Maddy Springer attempts to swing at the coming softball, allowing her team to advance to further bases on the field. “We should go in expecting to win and we need to have high hopes and good spirits,” sophomore Emma Spielman said.

On May 18, the Phoenix Girls Varsity Softball team played against the Lightridge Lightning. The game ended with the Lightning winning 9-1 against the Phoenix. The Lightning had an early lead in the game, however, the Phoenix were able to score a run during the 5th inning.

The Phoenix entered the game with high hopes. “I’m going into this game with my head held high and I just really want to beat this team,” sophomore Emma Spielman said. The Phoenix has had a rough season, but the team has kept morale up throughout the games. This was the final game of the season, so many of the team members had goals that they wanted to achieve through this game. “I want to get at least one run in and one or two outs,” Spielman said. “[But] also have fun.”

Despite the loss, many on the team held their heads high, enjoying their last game of the season. “All that matters is that we played our hardest,” sophomore Aishwarya Salur said.

The next softball season will occur during spring of the 2022-2023 school year.